No brainer…he is our guy

When my partner and I set out to buy our first home, we were intimidated and ignorant of the whole process to say the least. A family member of mine had previously worked with Alex and had bought and sold multiple properties with his help, and highly recommended him to us. When we met with him for the first time, it was quickly apparent that Alex knows his stuff, and gives a damn about his clients. He does his work with integrity and treated us first class every step of the way. He helped us to navigate many challenges with enthusiasm, humor and RESPECT. I’m sure I asked many dumb questions, but his patience was exceptional, and answers were honest and impressively insightful. It was obvious that this guy’s been doing this a long time and understands the subtleties of the different industries one would encounter within real estate. Without going into fine details, I had an especially complex and stressful challenge that Alex was able to help me understand, explaining the finer details and the bottom line of what it meant for my situation. In the end, we were able to buy the place we had originally envisioned, because Alex was genuine in his commitment to our needs, and always would communicate in a timely fashion through the whole process. The guy is a “10” and will help you get the job done. If the time ever comes for us to move, it’s a no-brainer he’s our guy.

— Kevin , Buyer